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End-to-End Encryption

we support the end-to-end encryption on our email, VoIP or other Internet-based services. This refers to the encryption of all transmitted data via intermediate stations all Internet time. The sender encrypts the data which can then be decrypted only by the recipient.

In the background the NSA affair experts call the investigation committee a widespread use of this technique. Encryption is the most important remedy for data monitoring. We, for example, support in setting up an encrypted email communication using OpenPGP or S / MIME.

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Due to the proliferation of tablets and smartphones, the need grows your website for the changed requirements, eg smaller displays or special input techniques on mobile devices to make them fit.

Around one third of Internet users in Germany already go via mobile phone / tablet to the Internet – a strong upward trend. Responsive Web Design suggests your web site automatically adapts to the request of the terminal, thus allowing a best possible user experience, whether accessed from a mobile phone, tablet, PC or SmartTV. Thus not have to be several websites maintained and serviced separately.

Questions about responsive / interacting web design?

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Move to SEPA

Even if the EU Commission , the transition period by six months until 1 August 2014 has extended , companies should be better than later switch to SEPA. (SEPA Single Euro Payments Area)

In 2008, the gradual unification of credit transfer and direct debit default started in the EU, so no more differences between national and EU-wide payments are available in Euro Payments Area . In SEPA, bank account is specified with the help of IBAN and BIC – instead of account number and sort code .

The IBAN (International Bank Account Number) in Germany consists of 22 digits : the first two contain the country code (DE for Germany ), a two- digit security code is used to check the account number and bank account before making the payment , and it follows the eight-digit routing number of the account holder and – filled from behind – the account number , which comprises up to ten digits .

The BIC (Business Identifier Code) is effectively the business identifier code of a credit institution . It consists of a maximum of eleven points and is often referred to as the SWIFT code.

We support your systems to the new SEPA standards prepare .

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Es werden wieder massenhaft Emails mit Schadsoftware, Mails mit Links auf Virenverseuchte Webseiten, verschickt.

Nur ein ständig aktualisierter Virenschutz hilft gegen diese alltäglichen Bedrohungen. Trojaner, Massmailer, Phising-Mails usw. PCs mit gar keinem bzw. einem freien Virenscanner bieten keinen Schutz gegen derartige Angriffe.

Wir beraten Sie

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Open Source Software for your private Cloud

med_af4d437f0666c10dc46c947d335f90dbMore and more companies opt for the development of its own (private) cloud. To make your data for you and your employees available online, you do not have to put your most important information to “unknown” servers, as it is custom in Group cloud systems. In order to improve the agility of your data flows offer in the open source area very good products to the cloud to be directly grow your business. A generous interpretation of the basic hardware guarantees a problem-free grows with IT infrastructure. In addition to hardware and software resources are indispensable tools to supervise the growing structures.

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VPN over LTE (Telecom/Vodafone)

med_bb55s7771By assigning non-public IP addresses in the LTE network of Deutsche Telekom, any local service gestützen a LTE connection can be achieved. The internal “NAT” address prevents a VPN connection over DynIP services (eg dyndns, NoIP, etc.) as it was previously possible on all Internet connections. Since it is not yet clear when or whether ever again IPv4 addresses are available in the telecom-LTE network, which FAIO-Systems GmbH is a server-based VPN solution.

– Connection despite telecom LTE
– Server between two or more VPN client provides.
– Bandwidth up to 100Mbit / s
– Easy setup via open source client (including client certificate installation)
– Secure certificates (4096 bit, ellipse)
– Server in Germany
– Low costs

Contact us to learn more about our VPN service.

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Protect your connections with VPN

VPN connections provide the ability to access from any Internet connection through a secure “tunnel” in the network of your company. Data which passes through this tunnel are encrypted and are thus sent “eavesdropping” on the Internet. After connection, you can access all the available services and devices on your corporate network. e.g. Network shares, printers, …
On mobile devices, the VPN technology is an indispensable part of a security concept.

We assist in the planning phases to setup and support.

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Smartphones / Tablets

IMG_9482A smartphone or tablet as a Christmas gift or you want one? No problem, we will help you in the thick of the jungle mobile that out for you the best devices. Naturally, something in the range for absolute techies.

In the past year, the mobile phone manufacturers have brought super fast and provided with huge Diplays smartphones on the market. Cameras digicam level are standard. Even relatively cheap gadgets now have enormous capabilities.

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VDSL is a continuation of the existing DSL connection technology. In order to achieve a higher throughput of the line, the big Internet providers have existing copper Duch replaced fiber-optic lines . The VDSL transmission will run only a few hundred meters from the subscriber to a Outdor DSLAM ( overbuilt street cabinet ) . This expansion reach VDSL ports data rates up to 50 Mbit / s in reception and 10 Mbit / s upstream . By VDSL vectoring the old copper cables can be drilled at the same time doubling the bandwidth. VDSL2 enables higher bandwidth on a line length of approximately 500 meters .

LTE is the new mobile radio standard with up to 300 MBit / s can be achieved. Often the LTE standard is abbreviated using the shortcut 4G. ( 800 – 2600MHz ) . Due to the rapidly progressing development of the LTE network such fast Internet connections are available on almost every location. With a router and a data- enabled SIM card, you can benefit from anywhere, anytime from the fast network.

Whether LTE or DSL / VDSL we install your high-speed Internet access and supported you in troubleshooting.


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